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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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latest on the storm's track, how much snow it could bring and what will be done to get the roads clear. and we're learning more about the suspect in the shooting rampage in arizona. we'll get the latest on the investigation and the charges that jared loughner now faces. plus incredible video from down under. australian city hit with a flood in the country. this morning fears of a rising death toll with dozens still missing. fox 5 morning news starts right now. take a look from our tower cam this morning in washington, d.c., january 11th, 2011. not much to see and it will stay that way for a few hours. we'll have a few inches of the white stuff later today. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. the system already made a mess
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of the roads down south. everything covered in a layer of snow and ice. in atlanta and the hartsfield- jackson airport dealing with delays after more than 2,000 flights were canceled yesterday. >> let's find out what will happen here. that's what everybody wants to know and tony perkins has the answer. good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. will not be bad as that, as you've seen in the southeast. once again we will dodge a bullet. we'll get some snow and some ice off to the south and east, but the terrible weather in the southeast and the terrible weather in the northeast will largely pass us by. let's look at the satellite radar. now there are snow flurries showing up around our area. i want to thank patty fletcher nor letting us know there is snow flurries in king george right now. they are not the main event. that is getting organized down to the south as the area of low pressure begins to push up the coast and it will pull in the energy from the system you see
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off to the north and west, all of that snow out there. so that needs to get going. it will do so and by the middle part of the afternoon we'll get some snowfall here. so the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for all of the counties colored in here. it does include washington, d.c. and it does include baltimore. that winter weather advisory goes into effect at 4:00 this afternoon and lasted until 6:00 tomorrow morning which tells you it will be a fast-moving system. 44% humidity, winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. your forecast for today, cold and cloudy. snow developing this afternoon. in general the washington area will have 1-4 inches of snow. that snow will wrap up during the overnight hours and by tomorrow morning this time i do not expect it to be snowing any more, except for a flurry or two. 34 degrees is i'll have more on coming up in a little bit. right now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright.
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shouldn't i be exempt from this. i did over a foot of snow of christmas in the 757, shouldn't i get a pass? >> you should get a pass. i'll see what i can work out. >> write a note to mother nature. crew in sky fox is busy checking out the ride on the bw parkway before 32, the crash occurred involving the over turned vehicle. squeezing by single file to the left and help on the scene. northbound on the brakes leaving laurel near 197. southbound on the bw, typical slowness. elsewhere, traveling into downtown it's the stalled car inbound approaching naylor. right side of the roadway was tied up leaving silver hill. in problems on 295 toward the 11th street bridge. other side of town, northbound 95 not bad out of dale city, traffic does slow closer to
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centerfield. you'll find the outer loop below speed leaving university boulevard toward georgia avenue. southbound 270 busy ride approaching and passing 109, delays in germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. with snow approaching, preparations are underway for our area roadways. crews are already hard at work in alexandria this morning. and that's why our sarah simmons is live at the old salt dome on van dorn street. welcome back to the salt dome, sarah. >> reporter: yes, thank you, allison. and there is quite a bit of activity. even though the snow will not start until later on, the crews know they have to get geared up for it. you can see behind me they are loading up trucks with salt as we speak as they have been doing all morning long and will continue to do throughout the morning hours. we're told by v-dot that by noon they expect to have 1300 trucks out there on the roadways spreading salt in certain areas, if they need to. they have already been out
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there -- they were out there yesterday putting down chloride on some bridges, ramps and overpasses so they will be busy throughout the day and throughout the area. but one thing you'll probably notice are some of the trucks are going to be in the neighborhoods starting when the snow is falling. they think, depending on how much inches they expect in certain areas of northern virginia, they'll start plowing if there is an inch and a half on the ground. and they're asking the homeowner associations in divisions, they want people to coordinate and park on a certain side of the street, like maybe the odd or even side so it makes it easier for the plows to get through. something we have learned after last year's massive snowstorm. so be cautious. the afternoon rush is going to be messy. but hopefully in this immediate vicinity in d.c. we shouldn't see high amounts of snow. but of course tony and tucker
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will keep us updated throughout the morning. live in alexandria, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you so much. and stay with fox 5 for the latest updates on the storm. we're starting early to give you a head start on the delays and closing out there. we'll be on tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. for the latest updates on the storm track and traffic maps, updates from the airports and closings and delays we could see, go to our website, there you will find the links on the home page and post updates on our facebook and twitter pages. and we would like you to help us report on the snow when we get it. there are many ways that you can do that. share live video by upstream. you can send pictures to our twitter and facebook accounts or upload them with my weather photo on the weather page. learn more about this on
7:07 am >> the lone suspect in the tragedy in tucson being held. the mass shooting has left the nation reeling. craig boswell is in tucson and brings us the latest this morning. >> reporter: candles, flowers and cards line the entrance to university medical center where doctors say the next 48 hours are the most crucial for gabrielle giffords and about 100 miles away the suspect in the shooting makes his first court appearance. we're getting a closer look at the 22-year-old suspect in federal custody gerald loughner. he faced a federal judge in phoenix on monday. people in the courtroom say he had a smirk on his face and a cut on his right temple. he did not make a statement but told a judge he understood the charges against him. loughner faces five federal charges. they include the attempted assassination of gabrielle giffords and killing judge john roll. state charges are expected later. six people were killed, 14
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wounded at the constituent meeting. >> it was horrible. it was bloody everywhere. everybody was crying and asking for a loved one and saying where is the ambulance. people were dying in front of me. >> reporter: there is a growing vigil outside of the hospital where giffords remains wounded laying inside the icu. doctors say there is no change in her condition and they say that is a good sign. >> the cat scans are showing there is no progression of that swelling. we're not out of the woods yet. that swelling can sometimes take three days or five days to maximize. but every day that goes by and we don't see an increase we're slightly more optimistic. >> a mass for the victims is scheduled later today in tucson. president obama arrives later this week. >> later this morning paul butler will join us and a former federal prosecutor, we'll talk about the case
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against gerald loughner. our coverage of the tragedy in tucson continues on you'll find the latest developments and more information about the victim. you'll also find the links on the home page. new this morning in the city of georgetown university, a student is hospitalized after falling from a 5th story build -- window from a building on the campus. police are not saying how badly that student is hurt. one man is dead and another in critical condition after both were stabbed in prince george's county around 6:15 last night in the 2400 block of university boulevard in lewisdale. police arrived to find two stabbing victims on the ground. the survivor told officers he did not know the attackers. >> it appears that there was not a fight, it appears that these were just innocent victims just walking down the road. there may be a gang connection
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from the suspects. there is some preliminary indication of that. it does not appear the victims were members of a gang. >> this is its 10th homicide in prince george's county since the beginning of the year. a fatal fire in the district under investigation. ashley turtan, the wife of the white house aid was found dead in her car in southeast. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. gurvir is in the news room with details. >> reporter: fire investigators will only say the fire erupted after a slow speed crash in the garage. when everything was over the mother of three with strong ties to capitol hill and the white house was dead. this video shows the intense flames. at times the fire shot up the side of the family's three- story home. as firefighters fought it, a shocking find. >> as they were making an aggressive attack on the fire, they did find a body in the car. >> reporter: ashley turtan was
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inside the bmw on fire. turt and leaves an impressive professional legacy. she was once a chief of staff for a congresswoman and later a lobbyist. she was also a mother of three young children. >> she was a wonderful young lady. always cordial and charming. >> reporter: hours later there is sadness in the home and in the neighborhood. there are still questions about how the car caught fire. neighbors woke up to the fire and flames and soon learned it had turned deadly. >> i heard enough racquet that was unusual that i woke up. >> reporter: turt and's husband is a liason to congress. he and the children were safe inside the home. but according to neighbors he never realized his 37-year-old wife was trapped in the garage. >> it's just unbelievable and i can't imagine it happening
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right here. >> reporter: ashley turtan was chief of staff at connecticut congresswoman rosa delayo. she was bright and dedicated by her commitment to strengthen america but it is a mystery as to what happened there. >> thank you, gurvir. time now is 7:11. federal job buyouts reach a record high. we'll look at that and tom de lay sensed to prison but why he won't be behind bars any time soon and snow in the forecast. we'll find out how much. tony is still working to get the updated figures. as you tack a look at traffic right now on the 14th street bridge, 395 a busy play this morning as always. we'll update the situation on the roads with julie after the break. it's coming up on 7:12. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time.
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7:15 right now. we have sky fox up this morning taking a look at everything from up above this morning, flying before the snow starts to nythis morning. it is tuesday morning and january 11th. i hope the heater is on because it can get chilly up there. >> you know i've never been in sky fox. but i'm okay with it, because i'm autoing -- a tinge claustrophobic. >> it's kind of cool, but i'm nervous in them. but at the same time it's cool. >> but today it's a good tool. >> we should take a sky fox field trip. >> no, i'll report from the ground. >> you guys look good up ther . take a look at vipir.
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we'll show you the snow showers. some of the precipitations that falling from the clouds. most of this is not hitting the ground but here and there we're seeing snow flurry this is morning and this is just kind of the leading edge of the system that comes in later on today. this is not the main event by any means. 31 in d.c. 1-in fredericksberg. 27 in baltimore. 26 at dulles. 29 at patuxent naval air station. and winchester, virginia, is at 27 degrees. everybody wants to know how much snow we'll see. here is what we think at this hour. for the washington area, 2-5 inches. i would say 1-4 inches really for the washington area. to the north 2-5 inches. these snowfall amounts will vary. every now and i then we'll see a little puff where you'll get a higher amount. but generally speaking right around the washington area 1-4
7:18 am
inches, 2-5 to our north. 3-7 well to the north and in northeastern maryland we could up those numbers later on today. 1-3 inches farther out to the west. but when i say that, leesberg is wondering, you could get three inches in leesberg and the 1 inch amounts farther out to the west. those are your general snowfall amounts for our region. high today about 34 degrees. the snow begins this afternoon. i would say mid afternoon. so for the evening rush hour it should be snowing. people were asking what do i think about schools? i think schools are fine today. i think they'll get in a full day and let the kids out and then tomorrow you'll probably find delays in the morning. >> kudos to you. you have that thing pinpointed for everybody watching. >> we think we do. give us the kudos tomorrow. >> that's awesome and if you're here, that's what people want to know. >> and we're doing the best job that we can. sometimes things change and that's what i think right now
7:19 am
and i feel pretty good about it. >> thank you. and let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. >> tony perkins asked and i found out the answer. sky fox is not seeing snow falling and they are above a couple of snow domes checking out the right. but right now no snow falling from sky fox. traveling around town, it's a busy commute. accident tieing up your ride along route 50 approaching the anacostia. accident here tieing up the right side of the road as you cross over the river. this one involving a bus. big delays coming inbound out of cheverly. other side of the town, in bound suitland parkway at naylor blocking the right lane is a stalled car slowing down from silver hill. no accidents on the top side of the beltway. what we're checking out here is southbound georgia avenue at randolph. the accident has the road blocked. expect slowdowns there in the area. meanwhile back out to the beltway we're slowing at 95 college park to georgia.
7:20 am
typical delays passing university boulevard. to problems to report on 395 across the inbound 14th street bridge. all lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and a heads up we're on early tomorrow because of the snow. we'll start early. about 25 minutes early. that will give you a head start on the possible closings and delays so we'll see you bright and early at 4:00 tomorrow morning. and for the latest updates on the storm track and traffic cameras and maps and updates from the airports and closings and delays, go to and you'll find the links on your home page. we'll post updates on our facebook and twitter pages. american workers are officially complaining more about being discriminated against at work. federal job biased complains were up to about 100,000 claims. the equal opportunity commission said that's the highest number in the 45 year history. they said there is a spike in
7:21 am
disability since congress made changes to the americans with disaact. actor michael douglas is now cancer free. he underwent radiation for a life-threatening throat tumor. he is now getting checkups regularly and believes the worst is over. he has already regained 12 of the 32 pounds he lost during treatment. he said his brush with death has given him a new appreciation for life. it is 31 degrees at 7:20. and vice president joe biden makes a surprise visit to afghanistan. his trip continues today. who he will be sitting down with is coming up next. and tom de lay sentenced to time behind bars but will he serve it. his reaction in the courtroom is just ahead. and it's a fun way to meet new friends and have fun. holly is at the h. street country club in northeast, checking out the winter offerings from social sports. that does look like fun and that's coming up for us. it's 7:20.
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making headlines, just incredible pictures of flooding in australia. helicopters are searching for scores of people missing since the tsunami wall of water ripped through a valley. ten people were killed and dozens more still unaccounted for. authorities are urging thousands of people to evacuate from brisbane, the country's third largest city. bridgewaters are expected to flood downtowns in coming days. vice president joe biden touched down last night in afghanistan and met with david petraeus for an update on operations. the visit to kabul comes a few months before a promised july 2011 drawdown of american troops. the white house and politicians in washington are searching for signs of progress with the war. the vice president will meet with president hamid karzai and visit with u.s. service members. three years in prison is
7:26 am
the sentence a judge handed down for tom de lay. he was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy but remains free on bond while the appeal is filed. and that could take months or years. in court de lay felt he had done nothing wrong. he told the judge, i never intended to break the law. i have always played by the rules. coming up next, we'll look at case against the suspect in the tragedy in tucson. jared loughner is being held without bail facing murder and attempted murder charges. paul butler, law professor from georgetown will join us after 7:30. and snow in the forecast. coming up next, we'll get the latest from tony and update th situation on t e
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7:29 now as we take a look at our tower cam this morning. national cathedral in the middle of the screen. a little bit of light on the horizon this morning. but we'll get snow later today. we've been getting ready for it. it's inevitable, and the best thing we can do is be prepared. >> it looks like snow to me or
7:30 am
is it psychological, i wonder? >> it might be both. [ coughing ] >> oh, tony. >> for julie it's a plan to be sick. >> it does look like snow outside. and some viewers are getting light snow flurry this is morning. the main event begins this afternoon during your mid afternoon hours. meanwhile, take a look, there is a winter weather advisory going into effect later on today. it's in effect from 4:00 until 6:00 tomorrow morning. 4:00 this afternoon until 6:00 tomorrow morning. the entire area under that winter weather advisory because we do expect snow to begin falling. it will begin falling at a different time depending on where you are, but for our corridor between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. this evening and the most off to the north and east. a cold start to the day.
7:31 am
and it will be a cold day today. 31 degrees is your current temperature in the district. 28 up in baltimore. dulles airport is 27 degrees out there. patuxent naval air station 28. fredericksberg coming in at 31 degrees at this hour. here is our future cast. this is a model run projection as far as precipitation goes for today. this morning nothing happening. a couple of flurries here and there. that's about it. put this in motion, there you go. by 5:00 today your evening rush hour, it's snowing across the region. so the first problem is evening rush hour because it will be snowing there and toward the tail end of the rush hour, that snow will pick up in intensity. then this continues to snow during the nighttime hours, 9:00 tonight still snowing across the region. getting freezing rain and sleet on this off to the south and east. so we're talking about eastern maryland and the eastern shore, places like that, seeing freezing rain and sleet. so icing out there but not in the washington area.
7:32 am
midnight tonight still snowing but starting to wrap up. off to the south and west, still wrapping up. still snow there at midnight. and then during the overnight hours it's out of here. tomorrow no snow falling. but it will be cold and blustery with windy conditions across the region. so there you go. the snow event really from about 3:00 this afternoon, roughly speaking, to 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning. your forecast for today looks like this, the winter weather advisory at 4:00. cold and cloudy and snow developing this afternoon. 34 degrees for the high. so a cold day. and then tonight the heaviest snowfall between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. snow continues and total accumulations for our area 1-4 inches. more than that off to the north and east as you head up 95 toward baltimore, places like that. five-day forecast, not snowing tomorrow but breezy. 36 degrees. cold on thursday and 33. and then temperatures remain in the 30s as we head into the weekend. that's the latest on what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on
7:33 am
traffic with julie wright. >> are you making fun of me again? >> no. i'm just telling it like it is. you don't like the snow, you like to stay in. >> well you accuse me of showing up in my bathrobe last week, just wait until i show up tomorrow morning. i'm going to come prepared in my jammies with the feet in them. >> bring bailey with you. >> there you go. all right, on the roads right now, accident northbound 5 at brandywine on the right side. inbound on route 50, approaching the anacostia, accident involving a bus. this is what is tieing up the right lane. big delays out of riverdale and cheverly. a stalled car at naylor. right side of the highway blocked off. delays beginning back at silver hill road. crash reported earlier southbound georgia avenue at randolph has moved on to randolph road westbound tieing
7:34 am
up the right side of the highway. southbound 270 looking -- look -- looking good. no problems on the beltway leaving 95 to georgia. inbound along 66, slow going to nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and stay with fox 5 for the latest updates on the storm. we're starting early to give you a head start on possible closings or delays with the snow. we're on tomorrow starting -- starting at 4:00 a.m. and with cameras and updates from the airports and closings and delays we could see, go to and you'll find the links on the home passenger. we'll also post updates on facebook and twitter accounts. and we would like you to help us report on the snow. there are many ways to contribute. share live video by u stream
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and up load photos with my weather photo. learn more all about this at >> the accused gunman in saturday's shooting rampage made the first court appearance yesterday. jared loughner is charged with five counts of murder and attempted murder. 7 other shooting victims are still hospitalized. the president will head to arizona tomorrow to attend a vigil for the victims. joining us, paul butler from george washington university. >> good to see you steve. >> from the prosecutor standpoint, do you hate to say that anything is a slam dunk case but it appears there is a lot of evidence in their favorite this point. how do you feel about what they had to work with at this point and then the big question is does this become a capital case? >> we have to understand, in the eyes of the law at this
7:36 am
point mr. loughner is innocence. but there is eyewitness testimony. the defense will challenge the recollections of the witnesses but that evidence seems pretty clear. i'm at this point thinking the prosecutor is thinking about the death penalty determination. if they want to ask for that and if they do, what is likely to be the defense. because they are going to want to counter that kind of evidence. >> what do they need in order to pursue that. this happened in arizona but we had federal officials involved. what is the criteria for a death penalty case there? >> so under the federal law if you attempt to kill a federal officer, you are charged with assassination. and if someone dies, which we know the federal judge did and some congressional aids, then you are eligible for the death penalty. so there have to be aggravated factors, and the fact that more than one person was killed and since there was a political motive, that makes the case death eligible. >> you talked about the witness
7:37 am
testimony of the people who saw this happen. that will be questioned by the defense. this is a person, and we've heard in other cases, that the suspect had various ramblings or things he wrote down or talked about. what kind of evidence will they look for? >> physical evidence. there were videotapes outside of the safeway. that will be the most compelling evidence. we won't hear about that until shortly before the trial because prosecutor would save its best evidence for last. and also motive. there was a search warrant executed at loughner's home, apparently at his parents' home. there was incriminating information there, like a file that said my anas nation and that -- anas nation and that he pland it which suggests premeditation. so if the prosecutors want to make this a capital case, they have plenty of evidence to do that. >> let's jump over to the defense side of things now. this is an individual who had been troubled and at least at
7:38 am
some point in his life. is there a grounds for insanity defense? >> that has to be on the table. the difficulty with that is jurors don't like to acquit people like this. and b the they have to prove he didn't know the difference between right and wrong. the fact that he tried to do this in a secret manner counters that. and we don't know what his motive was, if he did this and we don't know what kind of mental issues he has. apparently he does have some kinds of problems so we'll have to wait and see what the psychiatrists say and what the other experts say. >> does the priority for the defense then essentially be an attempt to avoid the death penalty then in this case and if so, how do they do that? >> in a case like this, when the evidence seems overwhelming, what the defense is trying to literally save the client's life. so there you put want to put on
7:39 am
mitigating evidence. in fact if he is convicted, talk about his background. even if his mental problems don't reach the level of insanity, it still might be a reason why 12 members of the community couldn't bring m to death. >> and by the time this gets to trial, it will be impossible to find someone that did not hear about the media attention or if it is held in arizona. so how much does emotion get involved in this. how do you take the emotion out of this case? >> it is a very emotional case. an excellent defense attorney in this case, saving other lives, like susan smith who was convicted of drowning her own children, so this defense attorney will not try the case in front of the whole country, where it is on a very emotional level, but to 12 people in a courtroom. 12 citizens who have sworn they can be objective and
7:40 am
dispassionate. so whether the case take places in arizona or somewhere else, i don't think it will be hard to find jurors who can look at the evidence objectively and render a dispassionate verdict. >> paul, it's always a pleasure. paul butler, gw school of law. with hundreds of members of congress and prosecutors and court workers what can be done to protect people from death threats? we'll take a closer look at that and we'll talk with ed o'keefe who covers congress. we'll talk with ed before the first commercial break at 8:00. our coverage continues online at where you will find the latest developments and the latest information about the victims. you'll find the links on our home page. 7:39 right now. with the snow in the forecast, many washingtonians will be wishing they were somewhere warmer. well it's not too late to book a winter getaway to the caribbean or to europe on the cheap. we'll find out how to do that coming up at 8:00. plus it is the buzz of the
7:41 am
tech world. today the big announcement that the apple iphone will be available on the verizon network. in the next hour, how it will have an impact on all mobile phone users. 7:40 right now. we'll be right back. a
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7:43 right now. look, it's all kind of crazy right now out there. >> it's snowing vertical lines. >> some of the old tvs had that. it's a blast from the past for you on tuesday morning. >> and you used to be able to -- they had knobs to fix it. it's a vertical line. that's an interesting thing. and we don't have it any more. >> we bridge two generations guys. >> now we can kick off if the hd doesn't work. >> we used to have the tint control. >> and the human remote. >> that's what children are really. >> that's what i was in my home. >> memories.
7:45 am
>> don't talk when you do it. >> and nice looking shot of the cathedral this morning. >> very nice. not bad. and even this afternoon when it starts snowing it will be rather pretty. and then rush hour will come and it will be messy. so we won't enjoy that. here is a look at the the headlines for today and the foreseeable future. and the main event, the snow. so tuesday afternoon, this afternoon is when the snow begins. generally speaking it begins between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. if you live in annapolis or winchester, it will be a different time. but for us between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. light accumulations by the evening rush hour. >> is that you, tony? >> that's tucker. it looks like he's on his way to a bank robbery. >> tony didn't hear what i said. i said i should have known it
7:46 am
was tucker doing the work. >> that's nice. i like that. >> there we go. we are expecting a few inches of snow from the system, 1-4 inches for our area. here is a look at vipir. we'll show you the radar across -- hey, vipir. there we go. we have a few snow flurries here and there, but nothing significant right now. the snow gets underway during the afternoon hours but some of you are likely seeing a few flurries here and there. five-day forecast, high today only about 34 degrees, cloudy, snow this afternoon and through the night. but it wraps up during the overnight hours. by this time tomorrow it will not be snowing. tomorrow blustery and 36 degrees. cold on thursday and friday. and we're still in the 30s for our highs over the course of the weekend. we told you a week ago that we would have a couple of weeks of below-normal weather and we continue to see that. >> and wouldn't it be neat if they could fix like a moon walking guy and then somebody doing the running man across. >> that would be a lot of work. and tucker does not have that
7:47 am
kind of time. >> it added something to the map. >> i liked it too. very nice. let's check in with julie. >> is somebody doing the cabbage patch? >> just put a dent in julie at the bottom of the five day. >> when it's sunny and 85. troubles, gang, on the inbound stretch toward the anacostia. the accident involving a bus. so coming inbound this morning it's the right side of the road that is closed and as a result big delays coming inbound from the beltway off of the bw parkway. it's a good 25 minute trip inbound into northeast washington. the same for those inbound on route 50. stalled at the beltway headed into northeast washington. again with a crash inbound, new york avenue at the anacostia, only one lane to the left is able to get through. by contrast, 66 not bad across the tr bridge. traffic volume increasing but no accidents across the
7:48 am
potomac. you'll find lanes are open at 395 from the beltway to duke street, below speed. and traffic slow again at king street and across the 14th street bridge. no accidents at south capitol street toward the doug also bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and stay with fox 5 for the latest updates on the storm. we're starting early tomorrow to give you a head start on possible closings and delays. we do expect to see some. we'll be here starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. joining a sports league doesn't mean you have to be that athletic. >> you just have to have a good personality, the wherewithal to do it and maybe some ski ball or mini golf. holly has more on this for us at the country club. hi, holly. >> reporter: i'm hanging out at the 8th street country club. i don't know about athleticism but it does take serious hand- eye coordination. we are live with the united social sports league is looking for a few good players. how it could be you coming up
7:49 am
next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. cu
7:50 am
7:51 am
usestr rtiontui
7:52 am
special good morning to our facebook fan of the day. and this morning it is daphne alban and her family. daphney is pregnant right now so she said she can not enjoy her cup of coffee in the morning. but she said who needs coffee when you need tony, tucker and julie. and we agree. to be tomorrow's fan of day find us on facebook by searching fox5 morning news and post a comment. we'll pick somebody tomorrow to be the fan of the day. >> what beautiful kids. >> uh-huh. social sports are ways for adults to feel like kids again. >> and holly is learning about the fun leagues you can join this winter. good morning. it looks like fun. >> reporter: it is super fun. like i need another reason to act like a kid f. you are suffering from the winter blues and it's cold outside and we
7:53 am
have snow coming our way, this is the cure to sign up for a social sports league. because they are looking for a few good players. this week is registration and here to tell us more about it is robert. he is the commission of the united social sports league. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: how does this all begin? >> a group of friends got together and said how can we have fun during the winter so we created teams and started going. >> reporter: and you have more than t ball, but you have shuffle board, bochy and others. >> we do. and we have more locations. >> reporter: they've been open two years now and this has to be one of the better venues. they have it all here. >> they do. they have our own mini golf league upstairs. >> reporter: so how does it
7:54 am
work? how do you sign up and what is the requirement? >> so requirement is 21 years of age. we like for you to have health insurance just for those unknowns out there and you sign up on our website, united social sports and you can create your own team or join as a free agent if you are new in town. >> reporter: do you have to have any schools? >> no skill is involved. social skills are good. social skills are good, talking, having fun. but other than that, it's really a low barrier entry and you can step up and have a great time from the start. >> reporter: and what is the cost? >> $40 to $50, depending on the sport and that's for a year. player t-shirt, prizes, trophies. >> reporter: wow, you guys are serious. >> we're serious about having fun. >> reporter: and how many different leagues do you have? >> i believe 12. if you count the different bars and games, there are 12 across
7:55 am
the city. >> reporter: and is there one sport more popular than others? >> absolutely. ski ball. we have over 800 rollers in the city. >> reporter: and i'll start with that. robert, thank you very much. i'll come over here and check in with adrian gill de. how long have you been playing? >> this is my fourth season. >> reporter: your fourth season. now do you play in the off season? >> yes, i do. i live right there and we come down here all of the time. >> reporter: so give me a few tips here. >> okay. well do you want to go for high scores or solid and reliable? i do that because i'm not good at hitting highs. >> reporter: that's a 20. okay. 20s are good. and then 30. what is an average score?
7:56 am
>> um 3 or 400, in that range. some people can roll up to 700. >> reporter: 300 or 400. i came in at 300 -- no, 290. that last one didn't get in there. it shorted me. so what do you like best about being a part of this social sports league? >> i like to play ski ball. it's kind of nerdy but it's fun and you can hang out with friends and meet other people and gets you out of the house. so it's a good time. >> reporter: and what night is your night? >> we do sunday night here at 8th street. >> reporter: i'm going big or i'm going home. >> there you see. >> reporter: oh, if i could just stop right there. >> you should join our team. >> reporter: is it mostly women or men? >> it's a good mix. i don't think it's -- >> reporter: that's two hundreds in a row. and is this a great way to meet people if you are single? >> i guess.
7:57 am
i don't know. >> reporter: it can get competitive. is that a turkey? it is in bowling, but i don't know if it is in ski ball. is our website. we have a link to the united sports league website. registration is this week. and my streak ends there. come on out. in the next hour we'll talk bochy if you can pull me away from the ski ball. back to you guys. >> thank you. many eve that bottled water is really better than tap water. >> but do you know what is inside the bottled water that you drink? we'll tell you what a new report found. and big news in the tech world, buzzing today over the verizon announcement. the expected announcement of the verizon iphone that will become a reality later today. we'll talk about that and the announcement could impact every single cell phone user. details coming up after 8:00 so stay with us. 
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8:01 am
we'll talk about who else is saying that. plus we'll look at dangers they may face. and winter weather is on its way. the weather guys tracking the storm's every move and sarah simmons is live with more op how road crews are prepping. how about with the snow on the way, a little beach vacation. it is not too late to find a deal to trips to the caribbean or if you want to go to europe, you can do that as well. we have tips on finding the hot travel deals ahead at 8:00. good morning, thanks for being with us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. for now we're stuck here in d.c. >> not a bad place to be. >> with the cold and snow. and we would like you to help us report on the weather that we could see. there are many ways you can contribute. share live video by u stream and send pictures to our facebook or twitter accounts or update them on the weather page of our website. learn about all of this at let's find out what we are in store for later today when
8:02 am
the snow starts to fall. tony has that for us. >> good morning. we expert snow to start in earnest in the afternoon hours. there are a few flurries but the main event begins this afternoon. we'll start with a look at the satellite radar composite and show you that, yeah, there are a few flurries here and there. but not much happening. the main event is really still to the south and it's still forming. but there is an area of low pressure that has formed off the coast. it will move up the coast. this is north storm system that will bring snow to our viewing area but will bring the most snow to the northeast, new england, places like new york city, boston, hartford, connecticut, places like that will get hit hard, up to a foot of snow, but not here. let's look at the advisory area. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory at 4:00 this afternoon and lasting until 6:00 tomorrow
8:03 am
morning so that's when we expect to see snowfall. it includes the entire area. for us in the washington area, we expect 1-4 inches generally speaking. your current conditions at reagan national, 32 degrees. relative humidity is at 50%. that's gone up a little bit. winds have died down. they are out of the east at 3 miles per hour. and the barometric pressure is falling as that area of low pressure begins to get closer. your forecast for today, a lot of clouds. snow beginning during the afternoon. heaviest snowfall is tonight between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. but we'll have snow during the evening rush hour. high today only about 34 degrees. more details on all of that coming up. and let's get an idea what is happening as they are getting ready for the snow and stacking up on salt. >> sarah simmons is live in alexandria this morning with more on the prep underway this morning. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. it's a little bit quieter here at the salt dome now because a lot of the crews have come through to get loaded up on salt and ready to go out there
8:04 am
on to the roadways. now we understand already yesterday they were out there pre-treating the roadways. so the bridges, ramps, overpasses have already been treated. but there are additional trucks out there ready to go whenever the storm moves on through here. so after last year though, the storms had to make some -- they have to make some changes because we had a lot of snow and we weren't used to it. we talked a moment ago with v- dot employee, the manager here at the van dorn street facility and he told us what they are doing differently this year. take a listen. >> we had a lot of lessons learned from last year. we have almost three times as many vehicles this year that we can put out, our snow fighting equipment, primarily our contractors. we have a lot more equipment. we've trained our contractors this year a little bit to prepare them more how to plow,
8:05 am
when to plow. we have mormon tore -- more monitors out there to view it >> reporter: and they say they can ramp up where the most snow is coming down. and pepco wants folks out there to know with the snow coming through, we're looking at heavy snow that could pile up on branches and bring trees down on to power lines which is going to be an issue with outages due to the storm. so they want to let people know they have extra crews coming in to deal with that and also want people to know to keep flashlights handy and blankets nearby if necessary in case we have widespread outage issues. we're live here in alexandria, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. and a reminder, as the winter weather approaches, stay with fox 5 and for the latest forecast and traffic conditions and school closings
8:06 am
or delays that might be announced tonight or tomorrow. we'll be on tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. >> julie will be with us. let's check out the roads this morning. julie wright, what is going on. really? at 4:00 a.m. i thought tony was trying to get me a get out of jail free card there. the accident that kurd on the inbound stretch of route 50 at the anacostia, involving the bus, the accident is moved over to the shoulder so all lanes are open but for those traveling inbound off the bw parkway and route 50 inside of the beltway, you are on the brakes from 495 headed into northeast washington. so again, that's a good 25-30- minute backup trying to head on to new york avenue and continuing in the direction of bladensberg road. and other side of town, outer loop slowing leaving 95 college park past colesville. no accidents, just volume delays. delays if you are traveling northbound on 395. slow exit in the pentagon parking and then the pace improves to slow again across
8:07 am
the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now to the latest in the tragedy in tucson. don't mourners will gather at an arizona church to remember and pray for the victims. six people were killed, including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge. when 22-year-old jared loughner started shooting in a safeway grocery store, many were injured, including gabrielle giffords. she is following simple commands and gave the thumbs up sign at one point. tomorrow president barack obama will travel to tucson to attend another memorial service for the victim. members of congress are back at work. they are feeling a little uneasy after one of their own was almost assassinated. two lawmakers say they blan now to carry -- plan to carry their own protection. north carolina congressman heath shuler said he will be armed when away from the capitol and not under the
8:08 am
direction of capitol police. he got a concealed carry permit in 2009 after someone threatened his life. a utah congressman plans to caria side arm in utah, not in the district. so how often are government officials threatened? ed o'keefe who writes for the washington post asked that question and got some interesting answers. good morning. >> good to see you. >> no matter what side of the aisle you are on, when something like this happens it makes us stop and think about when something in someone's mind goes into an act of violence but you learns the congress people and federal workers get threatened all of the time. >> they do. considering the few hundred of threats over the years, it is still an alarming number. there were 320 cases filed against those who tried to disturb federal workers while on duty -- duty in 2010.
8:09 am
that is up from the year before which suggests there is a broad law that runs from postal workers to congresswoman out shaking hands with constituents and anything in between. more generally, death threats against lawmakers top 230 in the last decade. which again, considering the thousands of events that the hundreds of lawmakers hold every year is a small number but still noticeable because many of those were quite serious. but it's federal court personnel who seem to be the most threatened. more than 1200 threats against them in 2008 which was more than double what they face back in 2003. so you see an increase there as well. and that range is from federal judges to prosecutors or anyone in the u.s. attorney's office, administrative judges appear to have been most threatened out of the branches of government. >> as far as security goes when we see members of congress come into the studio they are not with security or just with a handler. is there talk about beefing up personal security when they are
8:10 am
away from the capitol? >> there was talk about that. but the u.s. capitol police only has 1800 officers. when you have # 535 lawmakers and thousands of stars and million -- thousands of staffers. they are to coordinate with lawmaker back home. and they can get in touch with the local police force and the local police will take care of it. i suspect you'll see a more robust presence in the future at events that are held, town hall meetings or shopping mall visits by lawmakers. but we talked with a sergeant at arms this week, in many cases when it's offered, many lawmakers don't want it. they want constituents to approach them. and i think the most concern is what about my district offices back home? what about my family. i'm in washington but my wife and kids are back home and someone can try to do something to them and that's where i
8:11 am
think we'll see more discussion. >> very interesting. ed o'keefe writes for -- writes the federal eye for the washington post. thank you. >> good to be with you. a georgetown university freshman in the hospital after accidently falling from a 5th story window from a dorm on campus at about 2:00 this morning. victim is in serious condition. in prince george's county there have been 10 murders this new year. latest last night in the 2400 block of university boulevard in lewisdale. two men were stabbed. one died and the other in serious condition. and down under a tsunami wall of water rip through australia. ten people were killed. helicopters are searching for scores of missing people. witnesses say the powerful water half a mile wide was leaping 6-10 feet in the air. floodwaters are heading to brisbane, the country's third largest city. thousands of people are still being evacuated. 11 minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning.
8:12 am
>> winter weather is in our forecast. tony is back with details on when the snow will get here. a lot of people think that bottled water is better than tap water. do you know what is inside the bottled water? we'll tell you what one new report found. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:14 now. fire officials investigating a fire in the district that killed ashley turton, a congressional staffer turn lobbiest and the wife of a white house liason to congress. it happened following a low speed crash in the garage of her home in southeast washington. it's not clear what sparked that fire. former house majority leader tom de lay sentence is ad to three yeain prison. he was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy. he will remain free on bond while appealing. he could be free for months, even years, while the appeals process takes it's course. bad weathertons across the
8:16 am
south where nine people have been killed in weather-related traffic accidents. the power storm leaves snow from several inches to more than a foot in areas between louisiana and the carolinas. ice and slush also refreezing now in many areas. >> tough weather out there. hard for them to deal with that. and we might be getting some ourself. >> well we might need a break before that. >> tony is joining us now with that. i do have that. and we'll start with that. it's the my first 5 photo of the day is what we are speaking of. and it's another two-for. we've been getting a lot of two- fors lately. and we have twins. are they twins? >> yes. >> this is mackenzie and mckayla celebrating their first christmas. they are twins and now 7 months old. absolutely adorable. >> they are really cute. i wonder which one is in the front.
8:17 am
you can see the personalities coming through already. isn't that interesting. very early on you can see that. thank you for sending that in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at what is going on with the weather conditions around the region. we start with the radar. there are a couple of snow flurries out there, here and there. that is about it though. some flurries. just to whet your appetite for what is to come when we get more snowfall moving in here. area of low pressure off the coast and it will move northward. that's bringing us our snow later on today. current temperatures, 32 degrees here in the district. 29 at patuxent naval air station. 28 in winchester. baltimore is at 28. and so is harrisonburg at 28 degrees. here is your future-cast. here is what we're looking at. snowfall accumulations -- i'm sorry, this is what we're talking about. all right, generally speaking, for the immediate washington area, we're going with 1-4 inches. now we're kind of bridging the
8:18 am
areas that you see there. see the 1-3 to the south and west, that's where you'll get lighter amounts. 2-5 just northeast of washington and so we're saying for our general area 1-4 inches, north and east city. you get more than that. another inch or so. and then out to the west it drops off. i do want to mention that for eastern maryland and around the chesapeake bay it's possible to get ice mixing in, sleet or freezing rain mixing in with it. not so much here in washington or points west but off to the east, eastern maryland, portions of southern maryland and certainly southeastern virginia. here is your five-day forecast. 34 degrees for the high today. snow begins this afternoon after 2:00 or 3:00. tomorrow, not snowing but breezy. 36 degrees and remaining cold for the rest of the week. that's a look at the weather. now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. we've been talking about this crash which occurred on the inbound stretch of route 50 for quite sometime. the accident involved a bus.
8:19 am
and you'll find the activity cleared to the shoulder. so traveling inbound along route 50 approaching the anacostia, now all lanes are open. but the trouble is traffic inbound on the bw parkway is slowing at 197 out of laurelch and in bound 50 delays beginning at laurel and all of this traffic into northeast washington. and we have delays from route 1 college park so an additional 45-minute delay tacked op to a slow drive around town. 395 toward the pentagon and beyond toward the 14th street bridge. a slowdown here. nothing out of the ordinary for your commute. 66 clearing up nicely out at manassas. still congested nutley street to the beltway. lanes are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway and starting to clear out leaving colesville toward georgia avenue. i know we're in anticipation of the storm moving in later this afternoon. make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid and gas as well before you leave work. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. what is really in the water that we drink? a new study out about bottled
8:20 am
water said we really don't know. >> where does that bottled water come from? a mountain stream, a natural spring? a glorified faucet? a new report by the washington based environmental group said it's hard to know. >> we are a reputable organization and two steps ahead of the public health agency and five steps ahead of the federal government. >> they looked at brands of the bottled water and the results of purity testing. only three brands are in top marks for transparency. gerber pure purified, nestle pure life and penta ultra purified water. the other 170 brands were missing all or some of that information meaning you don't know what you are drinking. >> it's a pretty significant study in that bottle water is so popular and convenient and advertised and marketed aggressively. >> reporter: a doctor said the bigger problem is no one knows
8:21 am
what harm will come from drinking contaminated water. no matter what the source. >> it is true that some of the toxins in public water and in bottled water are harmful. the question is how much does it take to make you sick? >> reporter: the international bottled water association points out that there are no violations of federal labeling laws. but if the label doesn't tell you scantily what -- exactly what you are drinking, what should you do? dr. hash said there are other options. >> we drink distilled water. it's plain h2o. >> to read the study go to and click on web links. virginia getting star- studded help luring tourists to the state. we'll talk about who is involved in that campaign when we come back. and forget about hibernating this winter. we'll tell you how you can get involved in ski ball, shuffle board and mini golf leagues too. stay with us. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
8:22 am
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8:25 am
that ignited in a v street mail facility. all three contained incendiary devices. the fbi is examining the packages in quantico. >> the national transportation safety board will weigh the advantage of airbags in a plane. currently neither airbags or shoulder harness seat belts are required in small planes. bob mcdonnell is teaming up with country music star garth brooks to draw for visitors to the commonwealth. they appear in a public service announcement on the steps of the capitol. brooks recently filmed a lifetime movie shot entirely in virginia. it will air in four virginia markets this month and next on tbs. it's 8:25 right now. winter weather in the forecast. coming up we'll check in with tucker and when the snow will arrive.
8:26 am
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8:28 right now. let's take a look at stories making headlines. vice president joe biden makes a surprise trip to afghanistan. today he'll meet with president hamid karzai to discuss the planned withdraw of american troops and visit with u.s. service members. learning more about michael jackson's final moments. a lead detective in the case against dr. conrad murray testified yesterday that dr. murray told police he gave jackson a powerful anesthetic six nights a week for two months. and he said jackson had threatened to quit his comeback tour unless he got the drug to help him sleep. the drugs are what ultimately
8:30 am
killed jackson. if convicted of involuntary manslaughter, the doctor could spend four years in prison. montgomery county police expected to release a composite sketch of a church burglar. the thief has stolen money and important documents and beat up a pastor who caught him or her in the act. it's 8:30 right now. let's check in with tucker. we know it will snow. still working on the when and how much. >> generally this afternoon, mid to late afternoon, just in time for the evening rush. we'll get light accumulation across the area. but we're getting reports of snow and some sleet out there. linda tippet in california, maryland is reporting sleet. and so light amounts to the south and that is moving in our direction during the course of the day. so we look forward to it. >> so get ready. >> can't wait. let's start with a look at the radar. snow looks more impressive on the radar than it is.
8:31 am
we have a dry atmosphere and we have to moisten things up before the snow hits the ground. and this radar is overplaying things as we're not getting a chance to get much sticking to the ground for the next couple of hours. winter weather advisory, here we go. entire area goes into effect at 4:00 this afternoon. and until 6:00 tomorrow morning. i think motorist will have problems out on the roadways. timing, evening rush at 6:00, 8:00 tonight will be the heart of the system. winter weather advisory as we expect accumulating snow across the area. here is your future cast and we'll put it into motion. a couple of light spotty pellets of sleet and snow today but by 5:00 this afternoon, just in time for the evening rush, widespread snow breaking out across the area. i think accumulations are light at this hour but the main event is at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight. and by 9:00, off to the south and west, starting to see some dry slots starting to work in
8:32 am
and that will work across the area by the overnight hours. so the snow will be completely out of here by early tomorrow morning. when you get up and out the door, probably see some sunshine but it will be cold and blustery during the day tomorrow with high temperatures only in the low to mid 30s. so it will take a few days to melt off the snow we get here this afternoon. there is your winter weather advisory. cold and cloudy and snow developing later. high temperature 34. it will be around freezing by 5:00 or 6:00 tonight and the snow will stick on the roadways. and then snow continues tonight. total accumulation is 1 inch well off to the south and west. 2-4 close into the metro area. and high amounts well north and east toward laurel, bwi, baltimore might see additional totals as the system will crank up the coast during the overnight hours. there is your five-day forecast. cool conditions tomorrow. thursday and friday not much better. in fact colder. highs only about freezing. and then we'll start a gradual
8:33 am
warm-up this weekend. maybe more showers on sunday. steve, over to you, and a much sunnier and warmer place to go. >> hopefully we can find a bunch for you. >> the snow in the forecast so a lot of folks wishing you were in a warmer climate too late to getaway to the caribbean or europe. the february issue of kiplingers shows you how with six tips for planning a winter getaway. joining us now jennifer shawnburger. >> good morning, steve. >> let's go somewhere nice and warm and sunny and away from the snow. >> so the cardinal rule is you have to be flexible. if you have a set destination or a budget, you won't be able to make that work last-minute. but if you are willing to go with the deals guide you then you can capitalize on the some of the best saving this is year, especially in the winter time, and when you talk about being flexible, are we talking about within a few days or saying i need to go in march or july like in this wide time frame? >> it can be any time. but if you want to go march
8:34 am
5th, that might not be doable last-minute. >> but if we have the flexibility, we can get the best deal on where we are going? >> absolutely. >> and online resources are the best place to go. >> and you have to know where to look. we like smarter they offer ideas for destinations and deals on hotels and airfare. but one of the reasons the site stands out is you can get e- mail alerts mailed to yourin -- your in box. and jet blue offers deals on twitter. and we're talking dirt cheap. like $20 round trip -- >> really? can people get these flights? you hear about them. >> but you have to be ready to pounce. and that's why getting the daily e-mail alerts can be helpful. and they scour the internet for the so-called distressed
8:35 am
inventory. so the seats the airlines can sell and wanting to off load at dirt cheap prices and they'll begin up loading their data base on monday and they complete that on wednesday. and we like and >> and a lot of times you do one thing to find your airfare and then hotels and then hear about packaged deals. do you get a bet every deal with -- a better deal with the package? >> you do stand to save a lot if you focus on the package because travel agencies like to lock in low rates early. so someplaces to go for a great package in the u.s. is last- if you are keen on going to europe, go to i found one just the other day to berlin. it's for six nights, four-star hotel, breakfast included and airfare for $1,000 a head. they also have other cities on there like barcelona. so it's not just germany.
8:36 am
and if you go to the specific site for airline carriers like al italia, they are having great deals for rome. british airways offers deals during the winter as well. >> and now let's talk about where we should go. this time of year where is a good bargain? >> well napa valley offers great deals. if you are a wine enthusiast, you can find 20% to 30% off of room rates at this time. they are also throwing in three course meal to one of the restaurants. they have a new ice skating rink and they are throwing in tickets to that and bicycles, or deserves -- hor deserves or wine in the afternoon. >> i like to head south. the islands are more expensive this time of year? >> you can find good deals on the islands and with the impending snowstorm i think we're dreaming of kokomo. but if you visit cheap you can find great packages.
8:37 am
they offer packages for almost every destination in the caribbean and mexico and they range from $350 a head to the bahamas. that would be a two or three- star hotel and includes meals, cocktails, water sports, free birthday cake -- you can't beat free birthday cake. and you can upgrade to a four or five star hotel, like the french marriott in hotels and it includes food, water sports and cocktails. >> and you mentioned mexico. south of the border a good time this time of year. we'll put that online and link you to the kiplinger's article. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> did you pick a place yet? >> smarter travel, last minute, kayak, i wrote it down. time now is 8:37 and it's tuesday morning and there is
8:38 am
buzz online that facebook will be shutting down in march. coming up we'll separate fact from fiction. and a reminder, as this winter weather approaches, stay with fox 5 and for the latest forecast plus traffic conditions and any school delays or closings that are announced tonight or tomorrow. we will be on tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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complaints over discrimination among federal workers are surging to record levels these daysch the equal opportunity employment said claims are up 17%. the spike began avenue legislation made it easier with people with treatable conditions or mental illness to claim they are disabled. racial and retaliation claims are also up. and if you are one of the millions ever americans looking for -- millions of americans looking for work, our job of the day is as a landscaper. for more on this job and many other goes to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. 8:41 right now on this tuesday morning.
8:42 am
the tech world is abuzz about the new version of the iphone expected to become a reality. >> and the announcement could impact every single cell phone user. we'll tell you how that is expected to happen. details are up next. holly, good morning. >> reporter: we are live at the 8th street country club where the united social sports league is having the final push for the winter games registration. one of the games is bocce ball. we'll tell you how it all works and how you can sign up next on fox 5 morning news. o
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
perhaps its worst kept secret of the mobile phone industry set to be revealed today as the apple network iphone will be available to verizon users. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: the at&t network has been the exclusive carrier for the iphone since it hit the market. though customers have
8:46 am
complained about data speed and call quality, many believe the verizon network will offer a better experience but that will be tested. comp score research shows iphone users burn through a lot of data. brian jared, com scores senior vice president, said there could still be traffic trouble to sort out. >> being a device that everyone wants to use, it is a capable device that pulls down a lot of information and data and i think it will add to the load that verizon has. >> verizon has been fortifying the network. word on the street is they will offer unlimited data plansch a big marketing point. at&t started off unlimited but then charged move which most expect will be the industry standard as demand for video grows. both apple and verizon stand to gain customers but they are not the only winners in this new union. competition has generally been good for consumers. verizon and at&t will have to compete for iphone users and
8:47 am
other mobile carriers like sprint and t-mobile will have to up their game to keep customers happy. >> from a competition standpoint, this will be the bright shiny object for at least maybe a couple days after it launches. and then you give it a week or so and there will be another bright shiny object out there. but i think we can in all serious see the iphone be very successful and it's a game- changer and i'm interested to see what the next big thing will be that comes out. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> it appears that competition from the android phones may have pushed apple to make the deal. according to com score, it held a second place to the blackberry. there will be a shuffle on the leaderboard expected in the next few months. facebook is not shutting down. they started over the weekend
8:48 am
saying facebook would shut down on march 15th. the reason mark zuckerberg wants his old life back, that's a quote, and has a desire to put an end to the madness. facebook confirms that rumor is false. i think i should have done that quote for false. our facebook fan of the day is daphne alban. she's pregnant and can't enjoy a cup of jo in the morning but said who needs coffee when you have tony and tucker and julie. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. and you can do it past march because facebook isn't going anywhere. united social sports hosts unique sporting leagues in our area. >> reporter: holly morris is with them to find out more about the winter games. >> this is fun. and it can be serious and so
8:49 am
there has to be a commissioner. and already this morning you are settling a discussion on the shuffle board game going on. what was the official ruling? >> it was that if the the weight of the pocket is hanging over the back side of the board it's worth four-points. >> reporter: and there are rules that have to be followed here. the house rules are do not put glasses or booty on the table. what happens if those are broken? >> penalty, lack of free drinks. prizes aren't given out. >> reporter: as you can see, the united social sports league is fun. you're in your big push for the winter registration. but while there are young, very fun and cute, good-looking people here this morning, it's not all about young singles? >> no. we have groups up to mid-40s that join. >> reporter: that old, huh? >> we have a group of single moms that play ski ball. they have a good time -- i'm sorry, not single moms but moms. we have coworkers that put teams together so it's all age
8:50 am
groups. >> reporter: and wait, listen to this concept, you have coworkers that put a team together and the company pays for it. >> a couple of different companies sponsor their teams so they use it as a team building type of situation. >> reporter: so you got shuffle board. we talked about ski ball. and another one that you kind of have which is gaining in popularity is this indoor bocce ball. >> when it's cold we move inside. we put down some classy fake grass and bust out the bocce balls and keep playing. >> reporter: and i wanted to let everyone know we are at the h. street country club in northeast and you have venues around maryland and virginia and d.c. how do you go about finding the venue? >> reporter: the bars will say we heard you have the bocce ball league and how do we get
8:51 am
involved? we're from reston and virginia and barking dog in maryland. >> reporter: so i want to check in with dan shank here. the game kind of just ended. and so now can you teach me how to do this. i've never done it. >> sure. there are four balls for each team. and then there is one main white ball. that is the target. so you do rock, paper, scissors, shoot to see who goes first. and then whoever goes first throws out the white ball. >> reporter: let's let you go ahead and throw it out first. since i have no clue. and so everything works around there. >> correct. >> reporter: and this is indoor bocce ball. for some reason balls were hard. >> they are very dangerous. if you play with them indoors they would roll to --
8:52 am
>> reporter: the bars wouldn't be happy with us. so you go first. >> so you either get closer. >> reporter: i see you're a ringer. as we do this -- okay, i have to geto the weight of the ball and everything. i'll get there. maybe not within the next few minutes. but you were talking to me and you were telling me you met your best friends through this league. >> yeah. i moved to d.c. and wanted to meet some more people and so i signed up on a random team. i didn't know anybody. >> reporter: and one of the things people complain about in d.c. is that it's hard to meet people. >> it can be. a lot of people stick with their own group but i tried to branch out and do something random and meet random people and i ended up meeting my best friend and we've been on the same team going on the third season. >> reporter: what sport do you
8:53 am
play? what team? >> well our team name this team is at and skeet, for skeet ball. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to the united social sports league website to find out more about where you can find places to play in your area. one of the things that make this country club unique is because they are the only one that has a miniature golf inside. we'll find out more about that. and congratulations to the auburn university tigers. the new national champions of college football, edging the oregon ducks last night 22-19 to win the bcs national championship. the tigers kicked a field goal with one second left. cam newton threw for 265 yards, two touchdowns and ran for 64 yards. allison, if i ask you if the tigers would beat the ducks, wouldn't you think it would
8:54 am
happen. >> of course. that's a no-brainer. >> congrats to both teams. and voting open for the basketball game of the week. here are your choices. to vote go to and click on sports. you can also text the school's name to 29473. we're going to cover the winning matchup on friday night. >> the publisher of text books that had dozens of errors will replace thousands of copies for elementary and middle schools in virginia. the owner of five ponds press is reviewing each error in "our virginia past and present and our america to 1865" and then will issue corrections for free. the state appointed a panel of historian that's found dozens of fact aol errors in both -- factual errors in both books after receiving complaints. and now a student with a rare form of epilepsy, andrew
8:55 am
stevens will have a service dog trained to respond to seize ears. it's part of a trial run to see how the dog works out. the county had refused to let him bring the dog to class because he's not a certified handler but changed their mind last week. and this week's detroit auto show. >> we're going live in the motor city to check out the cool new rides. time now 8:54. blue diamond almonds!
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chinese bulldozer drivers break dancing on four wheels. drivers say they were inspired by their love of rock 'n' roll music. they are able to balance the 20- ton vehicle on the front wheel
8:59 am
while waving the shovel from left to right. the two drivers say it took them more than six months of practice to perfect the dance. now when you find time to practice with that, who knows. that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news but we'll turn it over to tony and allison to take us up until 10:00. here are stories we're working on for the next hour. the tragedy in tucson. the man accused of shooting 20 people, killing six and wounding 14 others, including congresswoman gabby giffords appears in court. plus we're hear from a men who helped take the gunman down on saturday. we have a live report from tucson coming up. she captured our hearts in the 1996 olympic games. do you dominique dahs is growing up and working to make sure kids stay healthy. she'll join us in studio to talk about a new program she's working with. and the snow is on the way. tucker is up next with the forecast. and we'll look at how road crews in the area are getting ready. and a quick note to pass along. culpeperoo


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